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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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Ecology, rivers, lakes, wetlands, fisheries, aquatic insects, philosophy of science


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    Gold Brook, Me

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    Riseng, C.R., M.J. Wiley, B.E. Pijanowski, P.W. Seelbach, and R.J. Stevenson.2010. An ecological assessment of Great Lakes tributaries in the Michigan Peninsulas. Journal of Great Lakes Research 36 (2010) 505–519. [pdf]

    Wiley M. J., D. W. Hyndman, B. C. Pijanowski, A. D. Kendall, C. Riseng, E. S. Rutherford,  S.T. Cheng, M.L. Carlson, J.A. Tyler,  R.J. Stevenson, P.J. Steen, P.L. Richards, P.W. Seelbach, J.M. Koches & R.R. Rediske. 2010.A Multi-Modeling Approach to Evaluating Climate and Land Use  Change Impacts in a Great Lakes River Basin. Hydrobiologia 657:243–262.[pdf]

    Steen, Paul J., Michael J. Wiley, and Jeffrey S. Schaeffer. 2010.
    Predicting future change in Muskegon River watershed game fish distributions under future land cover alteration and climate change scenarios. Trans. Amer. Fisher. Soc.139:396-412

    Zorn, T.G. and M.J. Wiley. 2010. Influence of sampling extent on the relative importance of biotic and abiotic factors in explaining variations in stream fish density.  American Fisheries Society Symposium 73:487–502, 2010. Bethesda, Maryland.[pdf]

    Baker, M.E., and M.J. Wiley. 2009. Multiscale control of flooding and riparian-forest composition in Lower Michigan, USA.  Ecology 90(1): 145-159. [pdf]

    Stevenson, R. Jan, Lucie Novoveska, Catherine M. Riseng and Michael J. Wiley. 2009. Comparing responses of diatom species composition to natural and anthropogenic factors in streams of glaciated ecoregions. Nova Hedwigia, Beiheft 135, pp. 1-14. [pdf]

    Kurt P. Kowalski, Douglas A. Wilcox , and Michael J. Wiley. 2009. Stimulating a Great Lakes coastal wetland seed bank using portable coffer dams: Implications for habitat rehabilitation. Journal of Great Lakes Research 35(2):206-214. 2009. [pdf]








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