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April 2005

Thursday Lab      

Dry "wetland" at Harr Rd

Evan smells a frog at Waterloo Munith Rd

More frog pilgrims

Gonna get me a frog...yes-yes

Got it!

New preservation technique

Close-up. What kind is he?

Willis Rd stinker

Concert in the bog

Pretty much no alkalinity here

Group picture

Crossing the lagg to head home

Monday Pics      

Scot and the turtle

Painted turtle

Spot the frog...

There he is!

Spot the second frog...

Fen kick-seining

Stalking Gerris

Walking on muck

Crossing the dam


Monday group @ the rich fen

Trash pile

In cattails

Bog sitting

Slogging through cattails

More slogging...