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This course covers fundamental concepts,  techniques, and analyses necessary for students interested in a holistic approach to river ecosystem management. The first half of the course examines key concepts in river hydrology and geomorphology.  In the third quarter of the course we cover large-scale ecological structure emphasizing longitudinal (upstream-downstream) and  lateral (floodplain) pattern and processes. During the final quarter of the semester  we  apply these basic principals to  common management issues includingimpacts of human development, instream-flow protection, and river restoration.

    Lab sections cover basic field measurements and data analysis. Each semester we choose a few specific Michigan river ecosystems  to serve as a focus for laboratory activities. This year we will be examining Mill Creek and the Huron River, a northern Micigan trout stream, and some representative lake plain rivers.

Grading and evaluations are based on 2 research papers written during the term and lecture take-home questions. See our grading policy for details. There is no Midterm. The second paper serves as your Final Exam.

at least one of the following courses or permission of the Instructor-
Introduction to Aquatic Ecosystems (Nr 311/511), Limnology, Stream Ecology, Ecology of Fishes, Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management, Hydrology,Pollution Biology.

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