Weekend Trip Photos--29-30 October 2005 (Page 1)

At Pamela's Cafe What do we have here? A nice little adult lamprey
One of several brown trout More brown trout A trout for everybody!
Brian and Dan at Shire Rd Taking discharge at Shire Rd Omair enjoys a cool morning on the river.
Our special guest, Dr. Ram Boojh, at the Shire Rd site. Kat's prize brown trout. Where is Kat? Another pose with the big bad.
Looking downstream at Shire Rd. The bug huddle at McEachron Rd. At last, the food arrives!
...And Shaw proceeds to eat about half of it! The mysterious unnamed tributary of the Sturgeon at McEachron Rd Looking upstream at the seeps that feed the creek.
Measuring discharge on this impressively sloped reach. Tom "supervises" the work. The view from beneath the cedar trunk. Thanks to Brian for shooting this perspective.
Ghostbuster vs. sculpin Finally, a brook trout!