Lab  Data / Links

Maps sets for the study streams and LP Michigan.

Note: The land use and geology maps have all been updated (18 Nov 2005) for the Sturgeon, Kawkawlin and Mill Creek to reflect the sites you can use in your papers. You may use other maps on this page as well, but the site locations and names have not been updated.

You can view these from your browser, and if you save as.. the maps will be downloaded to your machine as jpeg files. Most graphics programs and word processesors can use these files, so you could add to them, edit, place in reports etc.


2005 Photos Now Up:

Mill Creek--Sep

Mill Creek--Oct

Weekend trip


Lab Week 2 Handout: GIS lab (Word file)

Final Lab Data: .xls file and .sav file

Handout : Shear estimation (pdf format) 
 Handout : Open Channel Flow classifiaction (pdf format) 
 Handout : First Lab on Q measurement (pdf format) 
 Handout : Basin Laws & Hydraulic Geometry EQs  (*.doc format) 

Table of morphometric data [ a jpeg file so print it out] for all active (non-intermittent) US streams; from Smith,DI and P Stopp. 1978. The River Basin. Camridgw University Press. London.