Helpful Links

For Theresa

for Thersa2

Biology of Fishes site with species photos

National Water Conditions (USGS)

USGS historical Streamflow  Data for Michigan

USGS real time streamflow data-National

USGS hisorical streamflow data

USGS Water Resources Info Homepage

USGS Homepage

EPA Rapid  Assessment Protocol Manual

Aquatic Ecology Links via NR311/511

HEC-RAS (River Analysis System) software from Army Corp. of Engineering Hydraulic Engineering Center : to install download and execute from new folder
A very nice program which runs under Windows 95. See this site For more info & HEC's homepage has documentaion available.

A very nice, inexpensive and easy to use hydraulic simulator for simple cross-section shapes, called HydroCalc, is available from Dodson and Assoc. Inc. A free demo version which will work for many small problems (does't print results) is availablethere.