NRE 516 - Aquatic Entomology

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(The following poem, written by J. G. Needham in the 1930's, was published in 'Cornell Plantations' and 'Ontario and Other Verses'.)

Beautiful flies
With shining eyes
Of deep green hue and marvelous size
With golden sheen
On bars of green
And depths opalescent that glow between:
Such are the eyes
Of these beautiful flies.

Beautiful wings!
The green-head sings
A silent song as she swings and swings
And circles about
Now in, now out.
So swift that their pattern flutters out
In vanishing rings -
Oh, beautiful wings!
Beautiful feet
So trim, so neat
So lightly bearing her form petite
As light as air
So unaware
They rest unnoticed upon a hair:
Such are the feet
Of this being petite. 

Beautiful sprite
Of form so light
So trim, so airy, so expedite
So big a terror
For such a mite
So quick to see, so prone to bite
How does she carry
Her appetite?


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