NRE 516 - Aquatic Entomology

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Diptera  - "True Flies"

Course Material Interesting/Useful Links
  • Read Merritt and Cummins (1996, pp. 484-486, 515-517, 549-550, 571-573, 591-593 and 635-638) and Hilsenhoff (1995, pp. 55-58)
  • Introductory Notes
  • Diptera Phylogeny at the Tree of Life

Biosystematic Database of World Diptera
List of Nearctic Diptera
Ceratopogonidae Home Page
General page on the family
Implication in filarial transmission

Chironomid Home Page (Ethan Bright - webmaster) (scroll down towards the end of the page to get the pdf files)
Subfossil Chironomidae
Delettre's Page on Terrestrial and Semiterrestrial Chironomidae
Identification of Austrialian Chironomidae (pdf file)
New Zealand Chironomus key to larvae and karyotypes
Hydrilla Leaf-mining midge
Mosquito Genome Server Page
Fossil Culicidae Page from the Bishop Museum
Geographical Distribution of Arthopod-borne Diseases
Brachycera Phylogeny from Old Tree of Life
Horse Fly web page
Needham's poem on Chryops

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