NRE 516 - Aquatic Entomology

Course Description:

This course explores the ecology and taxonomy of  the aquatic insects. An intensive course, it is designed to provide a thorough taxonomic knowledge, and basic understanding of the biology and ecology of the aquatic insects for students in ecology, fisheries and entomology. Lectures focus on ecology; labs on taxonomy. A student collection will be required.


Final course grade will be based:
   50% on lecture material (mid-term and final exam)
   20% on lab taxonomic ID exams, and
   30% on a required student collection.

About this Web Site:

Use the navigation bar (left) to locate course material topics that access pages with useful information and WWW links. The insect groups are organized taxonomically in the sequence (more or less) that we will cover in class. Additional information and other links may be added as the course progresses. If you have suggestions of sites for inclusion, please email me with the address.

last update: 3 Feb 2011 (mjw)